Episode 1 – Where do you get your ideas? Ryan Carter Poston

Each HACK episode has three parts:  A discussion of a storytelling concept, a reading from the first draft of the novel With and Without You, and a reaction to that reading.  It’s a revenge story of sorts, set in a restaurant and full of food, knives, and fire.

In this episode Mike explores where he got his idea for this novel, talks about the trope of revenge, and shares the heartbreaking story of the murder of Ryan Carter Poston, briefly.

The reading is of the first chapter in the book.  This is a serial, you’ll want to start here if you’ve come for the story.

Audio note 9/30: The audio of the show has improved considerably over time, I have no plans to go back and rerecord the first 3-4 episodes which had issues but I am aware of each hiss, click, and pop–they all get resolved in future episodes.


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